Advanced MS Excel
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27th February 2019
India Habitat Center, New Delhi

Course Overview

This program is designed for executives who want to build on Microsoft Excel skills. This course will cover all aspects of creating spreadsheets, performing calculations, formatting and using page setup for printing.Getting Excel to make decisions using the 'If' function and conditional formatting, You'll learn how to create templates for commonly used worksheets. This course will also enable you to create, build and customise graphs. In this workshop you will also explore with more advanced features of Microsoft Excel that help in improving their efficiency of working with worksheets, analyzing data, creating MIS reports, and automating various tasks.

Topics covered in this Training Course

Using Mathematical Functions

IF Functionality
If syntax and uses. Nesting the IF statement . Use of the AND operator within an IF. Use of the or operator within an IF. The not operator within and AND OR statements. Display cell formulas in another cell.

Performing Data Lookups
VLOOKUP: Syntax and usage. VLOOKUP in live action. HLOOKUP: variation on a theme. Managing the Lookup table

Further Mathematical Functions
Working with Time in excel. Calculations using Time. Useful Time and Date functions. Rounding decimal places. Mod and INT functions and uses. Generate and use a Random Number. Loan and investment calculations.

Functions For Manipulating Text
Text manipulation, string extractions, text functions working together building strings from multiple cells Changing case functions, two more string manipulation functions use of function for more obscure characters.

Auditing And Troubleshooting Formulas
What are tracer arrows. Adding and removing tracer arrows. Auditing tools: error checking and tracing. Step-by-step formula processing. Using the watch window in troubleshooting

Useful Data Functions
Using the MATCH Function. How the INDEX function works. Handling out of Range Index Requests. The CHOOSE Lookup Function. MATCH and INDEX Functions working together.

Advanced Financial Functions
Sparklines, Slicers & Timelines
Cleaning, Importing and Exporting Data
Text to Columns Wizard
Data Consolidation
User Interface Customization
Counting Unique, Generating Unique List
Analysis Tool Pack

What is a PivotTable? The new recommended PivotTable Route. Creating your own PivotTables. Changing the formatting and formulas in PivotTable summaries. Creating multiple PivotTables on the same dataset. Moving and deleting PivotTables. Making use of the report Filter options. Sorting the PivotTable columns. Refreshing a PivotTable

Creating a PivotChart. Changing the fields used in a PivotChart. Formatting the PivotChart. Changing the PivotChart type. Filtering a PivotChart. Hiding the PivotChart buttons. Moving and Deleting PivotCharts

Goal Seek And Solver What-If Analysis
using goal seek. Activating the solver Add-In. Using solver to complete a What-If. Adding constraints to Solver.

What is a macro.Creating and running your first macro. Macro security settings for workbooks with macros.The personal macro workbook. Use of relative or absolute referencing. Formatting with a macro. Switch scenarios and views with macros. Customizing form buttons and other shape triggers. Assigning macros to ribbon icons. Create your own ribbon. View and edit macro code


Setting up a set of scenarios. Displaying and editing the different scenarios. How to work out which scenario you are displaying. Merging and deleting scenarios. Producing a summary of scenarios

Timing of the Course

Registration is between 9.15-9.25 am and the training begins at 9.30 am finishing at 5.30 pm, 27th February 2019.
Venue :Cypress Hall, India Habitat Center

1 Participant Rs.8,000 + GST (18%)
3 or More Participants From Same
Org Rs. 7,500 + GST (18%)


Who Should Attend

This Microsoft Excel training course has been developed for executives /Managers working in organisations wanting to use more complex functions within MS Excel.

Registration Procedure:

1. Please send confirmation with your Full name ,mobile number,email-id through mail before 26th Feb 2019.KINDLY SHARE GSTIN FOR INVOICE CREATION.
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3. Payment by cheque / DD in advance in favour of "Synapsetech eServices Pvt Ltd". Cheque/Online Transaction details to be sent through email to our Program Coordinator Ms.Priya. Seats are confirmed only after receipt of payment.
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